My sister Jodie is about Jodie (Pearl's sister) though Pearl's eyes. When both of them move to a boardng school they find themselves in a werid situation.


The story starts when we meet Pearl and are introduced to her life. We fnd out about Jodie and how she gets drunk alot and kisses boys. And then one morning Pearl gets the post and there's a brocher for a boarding school called Melchester Collage. Pearl then thinks her parents are sending Jodie away to boardng school. But her mum and dad explain they have got jobs there and there moving ther and that's were the girls are going to school. Jodie protests saying she loves it were they already live she and storms out. Later on when Pearl and Jodie are in bed and Jodie agrees to go since Pearl was cryng all night.

The day to move comes, and after helping Big Alf and Young Bernie move all ther stuff into the van then after saying goodbye to the house they set off to Melchester Collage . When they eventually get there they are greeted by Miss French and her dog Shep. After settling in Jodie and Pearl make frends with Harley, Dan, Sakura and Zeph. After a while Pearl and Jodie settle in and at fireworks night Pearls world goes upside down.

Middle Edit

In the middle part of the story Pearl and Harley become best of friends and sneak out to watch badgers at night. They also met Mr Wilberforce and Mrs Wilberforce. Mrs Wlberforce is in a wheelchair after she fell out of the tower. Which Pearl and Jodie find and go up to the top. Jodie often tells the little ones stories.

End Edit

After the school year began Halloween approaches and Jodie tells spooky stories to the little ones. She decides to go to the tower dressed up in white and pretend to be a ghost but as she leans to far out of the wndow she falls and ends up dying. Pearl writes the book for her younger sister May in memory of her older sister, Jodie.

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Sharron (mum)

Joe (dad)


Mrs French






Big Alf

Young Bernie


Mr Wilberforce

Mrs Wilberforce


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Melchester Collage